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How do I sell an E-book?

Start by uploading your e-book and setting the price with the Sell an E-book template. Once you finish configuring your template, you’ll receive a shareable link that allows customers to shop and purchase your e-book anywhere on the internet:

  1. Go to Sell an E-book and press Configure

  2. Add a title and description

  3. Set your language, genre, publish date

  4. Set a price

  5. Upload a PDF or EPUB file containing your e-book

  6. Upload the cover for your book

  7. Add a shareable book preview or audiobook add-on (optional)

  8. Review and publish

Check out our guide on e-book marketing for more information about selling strategy.

What are the file limits for E-books?

The ebooks file upload limit is 100 MB as a PDF or EPUB file. Accompanying audiobooks or narration can be uploaded as mp3 or FLAC files up to 100 MB. Images can be uploaded as JPG or PNG up to 100 MB.

Where can readers download my E-book?

Readers are sent a receipt that contains a downloadable link of your e-book via email. They can also download files directly to their device within your Koji template. Your customers can checkout on Koji with credit or debit cards.

Can I share a snippet of my E-book?

Yes! To share a snippet of your e-book, toggle the “Book Preview” feature to on. From there, you can select how many pages you’d like to share with your readers before asking them to purchase your ebook.

What platforms can readers use my E-book on?

Your readers can enjoy your e-book directly on their devices or on an e-reader like Kindle or Nook. You can upload e-books as PDFs or EPUB files for your customers.

What happens after someone purchases my E-book?

After a customer purchases your e-book, they can read or download the e-book directly within the Koji template. They will also receive an email with a link to your e-book for download.

The sale will show up in your seller dashboard within your KojiPay Wallet. You can then withdraw your funds from KojiPay to your bank via Stripe or Paypal.

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