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How to Find Your Shopify Storefront API Access Token
How to Find Your Shopify Storefront API Access Token

Find your Shopify API token in your Shopify account.

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You can now start selling your products directly inside your link in bio by connecting to your Shopify store. Just get your Shopify API token and put it into your Shopify Koji.

How to find your token:

  1. Log into your Shopify account and press Settings

  2. Select Apps and Sales channels - > Develop Apps - > Create an App

  3. In the pop up window enter your app name and choose an app developer from the drop down menu.

    ℹ️ Here you may assign permissions to any staff or collaborators as the store owner.

  4. Press Create App

  5. On the next screen press Configure Storefront API scopes

  6. Make sure to check all the boxes from checkout to selling plans. When finished press Save

  7. Next Press the API credentials tab

To get your Storefront API access token you must first install your app, which gives it access to your data. To do that press Install app, then tap Install.

Once you install your app, copy your access API token.

Inside the Shopify storefront template on Koji enter your URL and the API access token you copied.

Now you are all set and ready to configure your store.

Please keep in mind that payments and fulfillment related to your Shopify products will still be handled by Shopify itself.

For additional questions or help, contact support by pressing the live chat button below or email

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