No two profiles should look alike -- that's why Koji not only offers deep customization options, but also the ability to switch your profile to a completely different layout.

ℹ️ Browse available profile layout options

How to change your Profile Layout:

  1. Select a Profile Layout from Advanced Profiles and press Add

  2. Customize the Layout and then press Publish

    ⚠️ Make sure to un-check "add to profile"

    ⚠️ You may edit your profile again later

  3. Go to your new profile layout, make it fullscreen and copy its URL

  4. Press the User Menu (in the top right corner)

  5. Select Settings

  6. Select Advanced Settings

  7. Select Profile App Behavior

  8. Press Custom Koji App

  9. Paste the URL of your new profile layout

  10. Press Save

Don't even need a profile? You can also have your Koji URL take users straight to one of your apps.

How to make an app your Koji Profile:

  1. Press the User Menu (in the top right corner)

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Advanced Settings

  4. Select Profile App Behavior

  5. Press Custom Koji App

  6. Paste in the URL of the app you'd like as your profile

  7. Press Save

📘 Where to find your app URL: How to Share your Koji apps

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