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How do Payments work on Koji?
Why are my credit cards getting declined?
Why are my credit cards getting declined?

What to do if payments won't go through during Stripe checkout.

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We use Stripe as a payment processor, and it will decline any payment attempts it categorizes as high-risk for fraud.

ℹ️ If you live in the US, you can use Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, or China UnionPay cards.

ℹ️ If you live in other supported countries, you may have additional payment options.

Most frequent causes of a credit card payment decline:

  1. A VPN is turned on

  2. The zip code or CVC does not match the information on the card

  3. You are located in a different country than the address on your card

⚠️ Koji support is unable to make a payment go through.

For additional questions or help, press the live chat button below, or email us at or click on the chat icon at the bottom of the page.

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