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How to access your purchase after a Guest Checkout on Koji
How to access your purchase after a Guest Checkout on Koji

How to restore purchases made without an existing Koji account.

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💡 Return to your previous transactions after closing your browser or mobile app.

How to access your Guest Checkout:

1. Return to the link of the item that you purchased

2. Look for the Restore Purchase link at the bottom

⚠️ If you have never used Koji before, enter the phone number you used during checkout.

⚠️ If you have a Koji account, log in using your existing credentials.

3. Once you have restored your purchase, you may download the product again.

Another option:

1. Head to Koji and press Sign In window

2. Enter the phone number you have used during checkout

3. After signing up, select the user menu in the top right

4. Select KojiPay Wallet

5. Scroll down to see your recent transactions and select your purchase

6. From the transaction details, look for Open Template

7. Download your purchase

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