The Create an NFT app lets visitors to your profile mint your NFT without having to leave the social network or app where they accessed your bio link.

📘 How to create a Crypto Wallet on Koji

⚠ī¸ Make sure you have enough cryptocurrency to create and mint your NFT. To check, press your profile picture at the top right > KojiPay Wallet > Ethereum / Polygon.

How to use the Create an NFT app:

  1. Go to Create an NFT and press Add

  2. Choose the network to deploy your NFT: Ethereum / Polygon

  3. Press Start

  4. Upload an image to represent the NFT

  5. Give your NFT a name, symbol and description

  6. Set the supply (amount of NFTs available to mint)

  7. Set the minting price for your NFT (in cryptocurrency; not $USD)

  8. Click Create NFT

  9. Allow Koji to access your Crypto Wallet by typing your password to confirm the transaction.

  10. Review your Publish options and click Publish.

    ⚠ī¸ You will NOT be able to apply changes to your NFT after it is published to the blockchain.

    ℹī¸ To confirm that the Web3 transaction is complete click on the View on OpenSea button - you will see that your NFT is on your wallet.

💡 You will be able to use this NFT to unlock content in other Koji Web3 apps.

📘 You may easily re-edit your app at any time. Here's how to edit your Koji app.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. Press the live chat button in the corner below, or email

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