How to use Fund My Project

Use Koji to raise funds for a project or cause.

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The Fund My Project template makes it easy and fun to collect payments for any type of fundraiser.

Once you have received donations, a leaderboard displays a list of your top donors and their messages.

How to use Fund My Project:

  1. Go to Fund My Project and press Add.

  2. Upload a Cover Image or Video for your fundraiser

  3. Add a Name and Description

  4. Add a Fundraising Goal -

    ⚠️ You will always be able to modify it after you publish!

  5. Adjust the styling of the buttons (optional)

  6. Press Next

  7. Press Publish

ℹ️ If you are planning on shipping rewards to your supporters, you will need to collect their shipping addresses.

📘 Learn how to edit your Koji after it's been published.


Q: Can everybody see the donation amount and the messages from my donors?

A: No, they are only visible to you.

Q: How do I view the donor amounts and contact info?

A: Go to your Fund My Project template and press Admin Dashboard

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. Press the live chat button in the corner below, or email

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