How to Set Up PayPal withdrawals

Configure PayPal to withdraw money from your KojiPay Wallet.

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There are three options available to withdraw money from your Koji account.

Anyone can link an existing PayPal account for direct withdrawals.

How to connect PayPal:

  1. Go to your KojiPay Wallet

  2. Press Connected Accounts

  3. Press Configure PayPal

  4. Type in your PayPal email address

    ⚠️ Do not enter your PayPal username

  5. Type in your Legal Name and the name of the country in which you currently live

  6. Upload a photo of your identity document - an official ID showing your name and a photo

  7. Click Submit

Q: Is it safe to upload my identity documents?

A: Yes, your documents are encrypted and are only used for purposes for identity verification.

Q: What is the minimum amount to withdraw?

A: The minimum amount for a PayPal withdrawal is $20. (Stripe is $5)

Q: How long does verification take?

A: Identity verification is usually quick, but can sometimes take 2-5 business days. You will receive a notification when your verification is complete.

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