How to Restore Your Purchase

How to access a purchase you no longer have access to.

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Occasional issues or confusion may occur if you buy inside social media, close a window or make a duplicate account.

Don't worry! Your purchase is still accessible.

⚠️ If you've made a Guest Purchase, the transaction is connected to the phone number you entered during checkout.

How to restore your purchase:

  1. Return to the Koji where you made your purchase

  2. Underneath the Purchase button you will see "Restore Purchase"

  3. Click on it to retrieve access to your purchase

  4. If you made a purchase as a Guest, enter your phone number


  • Return to the Koji where you made the purchase and you should still be logged in and able to view or download your item.

  • When you return to the site in your phone's browser (as opposed to the web browser inside an app like Instagram or TikTok) you will be logged out of your account.

  • Head to and enter the phone number you used during checkout into the Sign In window. It will quickly create an account for you, and then you'll have access to your purchase at

ℹ️ For help managing or deleting a duplicate account, please contact support.

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