Plugins are optional features that can be enabled for your profile or templates.

How to add a plugin:

  1. In your profile click Manage in the top left corner

  2. Select Advanced > Plugins

  3. Press + to add a Plugin and begin configuration

  4. Press Save to update changes

Available plugins:

Age Gate - Require visitors to confirm their age to access your template or Koji Profile.

Audio Player - Add a button that plays a sound or audio track.

Banner Link - Create a tappable banner that includes a small thumbnail image, a short piece of text, and a link.

Custom Code - Add custom Javascript.

Facebook Pixel - Send web events and parameters through the web browsers your customers use when interacting with your website.

Full Screen Takeover - Require visitors to view an image or video before accessing an template or Koji profile.

Google Analytics - The Global Site Tag provides streamlined tagging across Google’s site measurement, conversion tracking, and remarketing products.

Password Unlock - Require a password to view the content of this template or Koji Profile.

Spotify Player - Add Spotify player to your Koji profile.

Stand with Ukraine - Show your support for Ukraine.

TikTok Pixel - The TikTok Pixel is a piece of code that you can place on your website that allows advertisers to share website visitor events to TikTok via a browser.

Twitter Follow Button - Add a Twitter follow button to your profile and let your visitors instantly follow you.

YouTube Subscribe Button - Add a YouTube subscribe button to your profile and let your visitors instantly subscribe to your channel.

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