NFT Locked Images allows any profile visitor to unlock exclusive images by authenticating their ownership of an NFT in your collection.

💡 Create an NFT can be used in tandem to offer a way for anyone to mint an NFT in your collection in order to immediately gain access to your Locked Files.

⚠️ To begin, make sure that you have a compatible NFT collection.NFT Locked Images is compatible with Ethereum & Polygon blockchains as well as the ERC-721 & ERC-1155 token standards.

How to Use NFT Locked Images:

Part one: Locate the contract address of your NFT collection.

  1. Go to your Profile.

  2. Select KojiPay Wallet

  3. Press the type of NFT you own: Polygon or Ethereum

  4. Press View on OpenSea

  5. Click on your NFT and then Scroll down to the Details section

  6. In the Details you will find the contract address - click on it

    ⚠️ In Etherscan or Polygonscan copy the contract address by tapping the copy icon

Part two: Add the NFT Locked Images app to your Koji profile.

  1. Go toNFT Locked Images and press Add

  2. Add the images that you would like to lock

  3. Add a Title and Description of your locked images collection

  4. Then add NFT Details: blockchain, contract type, token name and contract address

  5. Press Next

  6. Press Publish

📘 You may easily re-edit your app at any time. Here's how to edit your Koji app.

For additional questions or help, contact support by pressing the live chat button below or email

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