How to use Sell Physical Products

Receive orders, shipping information, emails and more through Koji

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ℹ️ Your Koji can sell any type of physical product directly on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and any other social media platform, and right inside your link in bio .

Sell physical products for merchandise, personal effects, DIY crafts, and any other exclusive product.

How to use Sell Physical Products:

  1. Go to Sell Physical Products and press Add

  2. Upload some photos for your product. Please note that the first image you select will be its cover image.

  3. Give your item a name and a description.

  4. Set a price for your product.

  5. Select a quantity of product available.

  6. (Optional) Configure the button colors and the text.

  7. When you are done, press Next.

  8. Verify all your information and press Publish.

ℹ️ To view the full list of orders, tap on View Orders at the top of your Sell Physical Products screen. Here you can also email the buyer, view purchase receipts and refund the order if necessary.


Q: How do customers check out with my products?

A: To buy your products, your customer will need to click on Buy Now and then fill out the contact info.

Q: How do customers provide additional information necessary for the purchase?

A: Customers can leave a note for you in case your product requires special instructions for fulfillment.

Q: Who is supposed to ship the products to the customers?

A: When someone completes a purchase it's your responsibility to fulfill each order.

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