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Tips and support for locating a download or opening a zip file

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⚠️ If you downloaded a product from a seller on Koji but you can't find it, check your phone's download folder.

How to locate your Downloads Folder:

Android device

Open the app called Files and then select Downloads. This is the Downloads folder, with the most recent files listed at the top.


Use the search bar to find Downloads. Press the Downloads folder and your most recent file will be listed in the top left corner.

⚠️ Some templates like Sell Downloadable Files offer media in .zip file format.

How to open a .Zip file:

Android device

  • Select the .zip file.

  • A pop up will appear showing the content of that file.

  • Press Extract - you will see a preview of the extracted files.

  • If you want to delete the .zip file after extraction, select the Delete ZIP file checkbox.

  • Press Done.

  • The extracted files will be saved in the same folders as the original .zip file.


To unzip a folder, just press it. It will unzip automatically and a new folder will be created on your phone. To open this folder simply tap on it.


To unzip your file, right-click to select Extract All and then follow the instructions.

To contact support, press the live chat button in the corner below, or email support@withkoji.com

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