How to add an Audio Snippet

Play the preview of any song from Spotify in a tiny player.

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Choose a corner of your profile to add a small audio player loaded with the 30-second public preview of any song on Spotify.

How to add an Audio Snippet to your Profile:

  1. Visit the Audio Snippet to generate your code

  2. Copy the Snippet code

  3. Go to your profile (or a template) you wish to feature the player

  4. Press Manage

  5. Select Advanced

  6. Select Plugins

  7. Press Custom Code

  8. Toggle the switch to Enable Custom Code

  9. Paste the Snippet code

  10. Press Save

  11. Visit your profile and refresh to see the Audio Snippet

For any questions or help please reach out to support using the live chat button in the bottom corner or by emailing

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