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How to Add Public Support Information
How to Add Public Support Information
Add your email or phone number so buyers can ask questions about your products or services.
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Koji Templates provide dozens of options for selling content, goods, and services.

Sometimes customers need a direct line of communication after their purchase to ask for additional information about their purchase. This can include critical product information such as login credentials, setup instructions, or general troubleshooting.

Your Koji profile is enabled with an optional Support Email Address and/or phone number that can be available in buyer's receipts and checkout information.

To add your Support Contact:

  1. In your profile click on the User Menu in the top right corner

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Advanced Settings

  4. Press Public Support Information

  5. Enter an email and/or phone number that buyers can use to reach you

Questions? Reach out to support by pressing the live chat button in the bottom corner, or by emailing

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