If you are a musician or someone who makes and sells audio beats, stems, and sound effects, you can use this template to let customers purchase and listen to audio directly from your Koji.

How to add Locked Audio:

  1. Press Add to select a Cover Image

    • upload your own or select Browse Image Packs

  2. Enter a Title

  3. Add a Description

  4. (Optional) Add a preview audio clip

    • this is the audio that will play in the "preview" of the Locked Audio template

  5. Set a Price

  6. (Optional) Enable NFT Unlocking

    • Enter your Contract Address

    • Enter your Token Name

  7. Enable or Disable the Allow Downloads toggle

  8. Go to the AUDIO FILES tab

  9. Add a Name, Preview Image, and File Upload for each Audio File

  10. Press Reorder if you wish to change the order of the audio files

  11. Press Next

  12. Give it a Name, select a Thumbnail, and then Press Publish

Please contact support if you have any issues! You can reach us using the live chat button in the bottom right corner, or by emailing support@withkoji.com

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