How do I use Koji Analytics?

Track the performance of your Koji.

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It's easy to track the performance of your Koji profile and templates.

Here is the data available in Koji Analytics:

  • Views

  • Unique views

  • Timeframes: day, week, month or year

  • Average session time

  • Clicked links

  • Location: city & country

  • Referral Sources & Referral URLs


Q: What is the difference between a View and a Unique View?

A: "Views" are the number of times your page has been loaded. "Unique Views" tells you how many different visitors loaded your page. If one visitor loaded your page five times, you would have five Views and one Unique View.

Q: Why am I not seeing any analytics?

A: Your account may be too new or have too little data to display at this time. Please check back in a few days.

Q: Is my profile only visited by people from my country, or worldwide?

A: Your profile is definitely visible across the globe. Unless you target a different audience on your social media profiles, you will only get visitors from where you live.

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