Can't find your account?

Don't worry, your profile is still there. Here's how to change your sign in method.

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ℹ️ The sign in method you choose when creating your account is the same way you'll continue to log in to your account.

⚠️ Each account is allowed one sign in method.

⚠️ Signing in with a different method will create a new account, even if your email is on file with the account.

We recommend using a phone number for your sign in method.

It's the most secure way to authenticate your account. You will receive a text notification in order to sign in.

⚠️ Updating your phone number in Account Settings will not change your sign in method.

Want to change your sign in method?

No problem, just reach out to Koji support. Press the live chat button below, or send us an email at

We're happy to help you access your account, delete any duplicates, and switch your sign in method for you!

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