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How do Payments work on Koji?
Why is money "pending" in my KojiPay Wallet?
Why is money "pending" in my KojiPay Wallet?

Credit card transactions require a short wait before becoming "available"

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All credit card transactions on Koji are processed by Stripe, one of the world's most trusted payment platforms.

⚠️ Credit card payments on Stripe can take up to 3 business days to complete processing -- moving the funds from one place to another.

⚠️ During this time, funds will appear as pending: money that is coming to you and is currently being processed by Stripe.

To find when your money will become available:

1. Go to your KojiPay Wallet

2. Press the transaction to bring up its details

3. Find the "Settlement" date and time

ℹ️ For any additional questions or to report a problem, press the live chat button on this page or email

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