How to use RARES

Create a Rare: premium content for your users to unlock

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Rares are a fun and customizable way to provide premium content to your followers.

To create a Rare:

  1. Add an Image or Video

    • upload your own

    • paste the URL of online media

    • Browse Image Packs (includes image search)

  2. Select amount of Blur

    • use the slider to blur your media

    • press the checkmark when done

  3. Choose your Sticker

    • press the Sticker button to cycle through sticker options

    • press the Sticker to bring up a slider to determine the size

    • to remove a Sticker, press it and then press the Delete icon

  4. Add Text

    • press the Text button to add/edit text

    • press the highlight button to toggle white/black text background

  5. Press 'Next'

  6. Add a Caption (displays after the Rare is unlocked)

  7. Select the Unlock Method

    • Password: enter a password that users enter to unlock the Rare

    • Payment: enter the amount (in $USD) to unlock this Rare

    • Quiz: add a question and multiple-choice answers

  8. Press 'Done' and then 'Publish'


How do I get started with Rares?

You will need a free Koji account -- it's quick and easy: visit and press 'Get Started.'

Is there anything I need to download?

No download is required -- Koji is available on the web at

Will I be able to subscribe to other people's Rares inside the template?

The RARES template is for creating your own Rare, which you may share in your Link in Bio profile as well as on social media, or anywhere you can share links online. If you wish to see Rares created by other users, you'll need to visit their profiles and social media feeds.

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