Every Koji account includes access to analytics: data about the performance of your profile and apps.

How to view analytics:

  • go to your Koji profile (koji.to/your-username)

  • press the Manage button

  • select Analytics

Koji users who already utilize Google Analytics for their website may add their tracking number in order to pull Koji data into their Google Analytics dashboard.

How to install the Google Analytics plugin:

  • from your Koji profile, press the Manage button

  • select Settings

  • press the ... (More menu) in the upper right corner

  • select Plugins

  • find and press Google Analytics

  • enter your Google Analytics tracking ID

    ⚠️ your Google Analytics tracking ID is the 9-digit number shown at the top of your Google Analytics dashboard

  • press Save


Does the plugin work with Google Analytics 4?

Earlier this year, Google released a new version of their analytics suite called GA-4. Currently, the Google Analytics plugin is only available for Google Analytics Universal, the legacy version of Google Analytics.

Can I get more out of the Google Analytics plugin?

The Google Analytics plugin is developed and maintained by Google. We do not have capabilities to add new features to the plugin.

Do I need to set up Google Analytics for each app in my account?

No. Simply enter your tracking ID once and you entire Koji account will be tracked inside Google Analytics.

Why do I see different statistics between Koji Analytics and Google Analytics?

Koji's internal analytics tool provides information directly from our servers about your visitors, their behavior, and their location. This may differ from the metrics Google uses to track and count "views," "visitors," and "time on site."

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