How to use your own custom domain
Host your profile at the URL of your choice
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Note: If you experience issues linking of your domain, please make sure you've reviewed these instructions in detail, and contact your domain provider for any necessary next steps. We are not always able to provide assistance on domain-related issues.

It can take up to 24-48 hours for your host's changes to go into effect. Even if you receive an error after pressing Verify, Koji will continue to seek verification for your new DNS records. No further action is required on your part.

In addition to your and URLs, your profile can also be hosted on any domain you own.

How to link a custom domain:

  • Head to your Koji profile

  • In the upper left corner, press Manage

  • Press Advanced

  • In the upper right corner, press ... (the More menu)

  • Select Custom Domain

  • Press Add New Domain

  • Select A domain you own

  • Enter the name of your domain and press Register

  • Copy the DNS records provided by Koji and enter them into your domain host

    ⚠️ On your domain hosting, leave each record's "domain" or "name" input blank, or add an @ symbol. Do not enter the URL of your domain.

  • Press Verify

To add a Subdomain:

  • in the "Host" or "name" input the name of your subdomain

    ⚠️ Do not enter an @ like for A or AAAA records

  • add as the DNS address

💡 After verifying the DNS records, make sure to perform a hard browser refresh to ensure you are seeing the latest version of your website.

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