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How do Payments work on Koji?
How does the Referral Program work?
How does the Referral Program work?
You earn 2% on all Koji earnings made by your referrals
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How does the referral program work?

If you have a Koji profile; you can automatically participate in the Koji referral program.

Every Koji user has a unique referral code. Simply add ?ref=YOUR_USERNAME to the end of your Koji profile link.

By default, your referral link is also present at the bottom of your profile:

How do I track my referrals? is your dashboard for referrals.

There, you can see a full list of active referrals, your total earnings, and copy your referral code.

Referral Rewards

You earn a 2% commission on all transactions made by your referrals. Referral Rewards are payments made to you whenever a referral completes a transaction.

Go to your KojiPay Wallet to see a full list of payments. Rewards will appear as Referral Payouts.

For additional questions or help, press the live chat button below, or email us at or click on the chat icon at the bottom of the page.

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