Adding an Ask Me Anything to your profile is a great way to build a more intimate and authentic relationship with your audience and give them unique, behind-the-scenes access to the real you.

Upload a photo or video intro, then add a brief description explaining the types of questions you’d like to receive.

Publish and be sure to give it prominent placement on your Link in Bio profile.

To set up Ask Me Anything:

1. Add a photo or video intro

  • Upload your video or image

  • Paste the URL of an online video

  • Browse our collection

2. Add a description

3. Set your price

Leave the price set to $0 to let visitors ask questions for free.

If you enable pay-to-ask, you set the price and keep 85% of all transactions.

4. Show Unanswered Questions

Toggle this switch to control whether unanswered questions appear in your feed.

5. Set Moderation

Toggle this switch to approve each question before it appears in your feed.

6. Press Next

7. Select a developer tip and press Publish

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