Koji is a free platform for Link in Bio profiles, as well as an App Store featuring hundreds of add-ons.

β†’ Is Koji free?

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What is a Link in Bio?

Only one link is allowed inside your profile on social networks like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Your Link in Bio needs to be a short link that connects visitors to all of your content, links, and other social accounts.

All Koji profiles come with a short link: koji.to/username

β†’ How to find your Koji URL

β†’ Make your profile your new Link in Bio

What makes Koji different?

Koji profiles turn your Link in Bio into a space to engage your followers, make money, and grow your network. With hundreds of free Apps to choose from, creators have limitless options for their profile.

β†’ What’s in the Koji App Store?

πŸ“˜ How Apps work on Koji

A Space for Self-Expression

Your Koji profile is your space to do what you wish.

All features of Koji are free to use. Koji profiles feature an editor that lets you customize every aspect of the style and content.

β†’ How to create a Koji profile

πŸ“˜ Your profile customization options

Power your Link in Bio with Mini-Apps

πŸ“˜ Top Koji Apps to Monetize Your Link in Bio

πŸ“˜ Top Koji Apps For Audience Engagement On Your Your Link in Bio

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