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What is Koji?
What’s in Koji Templates?
What’s in Koji Templates?

Hundreds of add-ons that supercharge your social media

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Koji templates feature hundreds of functions specifically designed for creators.

Popular Templates

These are the most-used templates on Koji. Here are some highlights:

Tip Jar -- receive credit card payments with no fees

Ask Me Anything -- let people get to know the real you

Shoutout -- personalized video requests with reactions

Media Wall -- showcase your favorite things from all over the web

Video Guestbook -- crowdsource video content

Sell Premium Content

These templates allow supporters to access exclusive content in exchange for payment or their contact info.

Locked Photo or Video -- supporters can “unlock” your exclusive media

Sell Downloadable Files -- sell e-books, audio, PDFs, and more

Exclusive Articles -- paywalled articles, stories, blogs, & recipes

Link Locker -- paid access to a secret link

Fulfill Custom Requests

Personal Menu is a customizable menu for paid requests. You can offer any service and name your price.

Grow Your Network

These templates all collect email addresses.

Phone + Email Signup -- directly ask for contact information

Giveaway -- raffles made easy

Customizable games: Invaders, Slicer, Falling Objects

Crowdsource Content

Use these templates to collect content or input from your followers. Build a Survey or conduct a quick Poll.

Engage Your Audience

This collection of templates features various ways to captivate and entertain your Link in Bio visitors. Remix a classic game like Wall Hopper, create your own Slot Machine, or try out Tap Race: a live battle between two options to see which gets more taps.


These templates are content generators that can help you start a viral trend.

Meme Template Generator -- create your own meme and share the template for others to remix

Name Them All -- create your own “Family Feud” style guessing game

Fake Tweet & Fake iMessage -- spoof a message or a conversation

For Developers

These templates help developers shortcut the process of creating new experiences for Koji.

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