Sharing your Koji URL

All your options for sharing your Link in Bio

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Once you've made a Koji profile, it's time to put it in your Link in Bio.

→ Adding your Link in Bio to all your social accounts

Remember to mention your Link in Bio in social posts as well!

How to share your Koji URL

From your profile, press Manage

Press Share

  1. Share to Facebook

    Create a new post containing your link. Be sure to add your own message. Press Post to Facebook.

  2. Share to Twitter

    Create a new tweet containing your link. Be sure to customize the tweet with your own message. Press Tweet.

  3. Share to Reddit

    Choose a community, add a Title and any tags, then press Post.

  4. Share to Snapchat

    Open Snapchat and scan the QR code on your screen to share.

  5. Share to LinkedIn

    Choose whether you want to share your profile in a post or send it as a private message.

  6. Copy Link

  7. QR Code

    Generate a QR code with your profile photo in the center.

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