Welcome to Koji! Let’s walk you through the process of creating a profile for your Link in Bio.

📘 How to Create a Koji Link in Bio

If you’re starting from scratch, this message will appear on your profile:

If you already have a profile, Sign In and press the Manage button in the upper left corner of your profile. Then press Edit.

How to fill out your profile

1. Add a Profile Photo

Press the pencil icon to choose your profile photo.

2. Enter a short Bio

3. Add your Social Links

how to add Social Links

4. Add Profile Links

how to add External Links to your profile

how to add Templates to your profile

5. Go to the Style tab to customize your profile

6. Set a Theme

Choose from over a dozen designer themes.

how to Import another profile’s theme

7. Customize the background

Choose a color, gradient, photo/gif, or a video from the web, or upload your own.

8. Choose Buttons

There are all sorts of button shapes to choose from.

9. Set the Fonts

Find the look that’s right for you.

When you’re finished filling out your profile, press Save.

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