What are profile Highlights?

How to create large buttons that draw attention to your most important content

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You have up to three Highlight spaces in your Koji Profile. These are much larger buttons than regular Links, and feature round thumbnails that draw attention to your most important profile content.

How to add a link or template to Highlights

  1. From the profile editor, find Profile Links and press one of the three Highlight circles.

  2. In the Add screen, choose whether your Highlight will be a template or External Link.

  3. For Templates, customize and then press Publish.

  4. For an External Link, add the URL and press Save.

  5. In the Highlight Detail screen, press the camera button to add a thumbnail.

  6. Add a Link Name.

  7. Press Save.

๐Ÿ“˜ NOTE: You can use Reorder to move any of your existing links into Highlights with a simple drag-and-drop. Read more โ†’

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