Adding Social Links

Add buttons for your contact info & social accounts

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Your Link in Bio profile is an important place to let visitors know where to find you. Your Koji profile features Social Links: buttons for your email address, phone number, and all your accounts on social networks.

How to add Social Links

  1. From the profile editor, tap Social Links.

  2. Enter your email address and phone number in the text boxes.

  3. Enter your Username for:

    1. Clubhouse

    2. Facebook

    3. Instagram

    4. Pinterest

    5. Snapchat

    6. TikTok

    7. Twitch

    8. Twitter

  4. Enter your account URL for:

    1. LinkedIn

    2. YouTube

  5. Enter your phone number for WhatsApp.

When you are finished adding your social links, tap Save.

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