Adding Templates to your profile

Supercharge your profile with new features

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Templates can supercharge your Koji profile with new features that engage, monetize, and grow your online following.

How to add a new Template to your profile:

  1. From the profile editor, tap Add Template or Link.

  2. Select Add New Template, where you can browse our full collection of templates.

  3. Press one you wish to use. A dialog opens that displays details about the template you selected.

  4. Preview the template When you are ready to customize it, press Use.

  5. Publish your customized template.

  6. In the Link Detail screen, give the template a Name and choose an Icon.

  7. Press Save

How to add an template you've already made to your profile:

  1. In the profile editor, tap Add template or Link.
    An Add dialog opens.

  2. Select one of your Koji templates from your list.

  3. Tap Add.

  4. On the Link Detail screen, enter a new name for the link and select a different thumbnail image (optional).

  5. Tap Save.

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