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What is Koji?
How do I make money on Koji?
How do I make money on Koji?

Using Koji to create passive income streams

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Koji are specifically to share on social media and in your Link in Bio -- the one link your social networking profiles display in your bio.

Koji Templates feature add-ons that power your Link in Bio in various ways. Some of these apps can earn you money and are an excellent way to create passive income streams.

An easy way to accept credit card payments for tips. Tip Jar + allows for the option to reward your audience with gifts after they leave a tip.

Use this popular app to sell “real estate” via your social media. Each time a supporter purchases your billboard, the price increases.

We’ve taken personalized videos to the next level. Shoutouts aren’t just for celebrities anymore; try this app to earn money through your Link in Bio.

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