How to use Billboard

Add a Billboard to your Koji Profile

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Billboard lets you sell a digital space in your Koji profile.

To set up Billboard:

1. Set Price

  • Select the price for your billboard

2. Set Percentage Increase Per Purchase

  • Choose a percentage (in increments of 10) that your price will increase after each purchase

3. Select Moderation

  • To approve each purchase, toggle the Moderation switch

4. Publish

  • Press Next

  • Select a Developer Tip

  • Press Publish

How does it work for supporters?

1. Supporters set a featured image

  • Upload a photo from your camera roll, take a photo directly from your camera, or choose from thousands of images available on Koji.

2. They can type a message or link

  • Type a short message into the text area. Leave a link to direct people from the billboard spot to your desired destination online.

3. Confirm the purchase

  • Tap on the blue button to finalize the billboard and become featured on the profile. Prices increase as more people purchase the billboard.

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