How to use Shoutout

Video requests that also include viewer reactions

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Shoutout lets you fulfill video requests from your audience that also lets viewers film and share their own reactions to your personalized video.

To set up Shoutout:

1. Enter a description

Explain what kind of Shoutouts you’d like to make.

2. Set Your Price

Enter the cost of a Shoutout.You can modify the price later, but it won’t affect existing requests.

3. Add Your Intro Video

  • Upload a video from your mobile device or computer

  • Paste the URL of an online video

4. Enter Your Request Rules

Explain the limitations and which requests you’ll accept.

5. You Have 7 Days to Fulfill Requests

You can deny any requests you do not wish to fulfill. After 7 days the user will be able to submit a new request.

6. Press Save

7. Select a Developer Tip and press Publish

How does it work?

1. Supporters request a video

2. The video request is fulfilled by you

3. Supporters watch your video

4. View & Share Reactions

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